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Great Battles Were Given To Great Warriors

As we go along through life’s journey, we encounter sets of challenges and obstacle that will test our ability. It may be hard as it seems but I tell you there is no problem that has no solution.

In life those who are weak loses and those who keep on fighting wins. No matter how hard the challenge you are facing right now just don’t give up and give your greatest blow.

You’re attitude and disposition matter. The more positive in life you become, the more positive the outcomes will be.

Don’t be a loser, be brave and be great!

Yes, life is indeed full of complication and challenges, lots of battles left and right and lots of decision making about this and that. Well that’s life is. We sometimes get tripped and feel pressured. There are times we lose hope and feel like quitting but cheer up dude, remember that great battles were given to great warriors.

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Losing but fighting

I ran to the wild to shout out loud

I glance at the sky to see the clouds up high

I cry to the moon and feel its gloom

And dance with the wind as young and free
I am nothing, could I be like something?

I am nobody, could I be like somebody?

Who am I in this world so dim?

Who am I in this world full of cruel and evil
I am a lone sojourner of this crazy adventure

Where armor is shattered and sword has been broken

I am a fighter who lost his fight in a battle

Where his army has taken aback and flinched in fear of losing their lives
I searched for words and found nothing

My mouth can’t speak words of pain and agony

My fortress had crumble

My life has crushed and been broken apart
Today as I stand and fight my journey back

With boldness and hope that the sun will shine

Light will explode and will shine as bright

Defeating the darkness who ruled over the night.

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Enjoy lang

Totoo man o hindi ang isang alamat, wala paring makapipigil kung ito’y maganap man. Malawak ang mundo, marami pang bagay and di alam ng tao kung kaya’t huwag nating ikulong ang mga sarili natin sa mga posibilidad na maari pang mangyari. Ang mahalaga ienjoy nalang natin ang buhay, sumabay sa lunday at matutong sumangga sa alon.

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Nothing is sadder than a sad song, creating a wound that’s hard to heal , tearing the soul of the one who hears.

Nothing is sadder than a sad poem, where words burns you to ash, lashing you to death from the moment it was uttered.

Nothing is sadder than a sad man, whose heart were broken, shattered and torn in pieces apart.

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I’m strong

there are times that i’m like a warrior who lose hope to carry on and continue fighting. i also get tired and defeated. i also stumble and feel the pain in agony. Above all I’m a human who is weak and vulnerable yet I can be strong amid the storm.