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Great Battles Were Given To Great Warriors

As we go along through life’s journey, we encounter sets of challenges and obstacle that will test our ability. It may be hard as it seems but I tell you there is no problem that has no solution.

In life those who are weak loses and those who keep on fighting wins. No matter how hard the challenge you are facing right now just don’t give up and give your greatest blow.

You’re attitude and disposition matter. The more positive in life you become, the more positive the outcomes will be.

Don’t be a loser, be brave and be great!

Yes, life is indeed full of complication and challenges, lots of battles left and right and lots of decision making about this and that. Well that’s life is. We sometimes get tripped and feel pressured. There are times we lose hope and feel like quitting but cheer up dude, remember that great battles were given to great warriors.

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His plans are better than ours

By: Aeron Abraham

I wonder what’s up with God why He is doing this to my family. I know we have shortcomings but could it be the reason why do we need to suffer and go back to square one? Is this the life He promised to give us?

These are some sort of questions been bothering me upon hearing a saddening story that my father will soon loose hi job in a month. It is a heart breaking story for us. We thought that after he got that job everything will soon be okay, we thought that our life will be somehow comfortable than before but not anymore. My reaction to his story seem nothing but I am deeply affected. Fear runs through my veins up to my spine like a blazing current. It made me weak, it made me sad and worried. As I come across through a passage in the bible I have read there, “do not worry God is in control, just let Him take over”. Upon reading this words it melts me and struck me realizing why would I worry when God is there for me, why do I need to fear that upcoming wave when I know that God is with me. God’s plan is better than our plan so there’s no reason for us to question Him why He is doing this in our lives.  This things may seem too hard to see but if you let Him takeover you’ll experience his undying and immeasurable love for us.

God doesn’t want His children suffer, He didn’t wish for you to carry such heavy burden. He has a better plan than ours. If you ever feel downhearted, broken, burdened just kneel down and look up to Him. Let Him take charge and take over your lives.