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Beauty and Beyond: Commonly Uncommon

She’s Jemima Angeli Reyes a 21 year old Electrical Engineering student, Just a usual and typical girl she may be but 13957534_1672785723044698_1731902360_n.jpgonce you get to know her, you’ll  understand her deeply.

As I walk along the hallway of TYK 4th floor of UE Caloocan, I approached her If I can interview her. She is approachable and allowed me to have her time.I asked her several questions regarding her unique characteristics and there i found that she’s not a typical girl as i thought she is.

I started to ask her name and everything went well and smooth. The next thing i asked were all about her unique experiences as an individual. “Wala naman ako masyadong unique experiences but as far as i remember is that when i was13933234_1672785736378030_2019233967_n.jpg in grade 3 I was bullied by my teacher for an unknown reason” you read it right once you catch a glimpse on her you wouldn’t know that she have been bullied before, as we continue our conversation she told me that she was in an ace class during her elementary days up until when she was bullied during her third grade and got her grades low making her to fail on her subjects then.  During her High school days she became a varsity of lawn tennis and was given an opportunity to compete in different inter school competitions. On the first hand i thought she is not an athletic type of girl since she look shy and timid. “Di lang halata sa katawan ko pero honestly pinanlalaban ako sa BULPRISA, PRISAA at CLARAA”. Afterwards I got to know that she’s good in playing violin, writing songs and writing inspiring quotes.

Actually I don’t know her personally but as we go along our conversation I got to know her deeper. My impressions towards her were proven wrong . I thought she’s one of those kikay girls based on her appearance yet she’s not. She is one of the Maria Clara of this generation, She was raised in a Christian family, she’s an active member of their church. She was included in their music team and sometimes she conducted cell groups together with some of the youth of their church “Pero ngayon hindi na masyado kasi busy sa school since graduating na ako” and then I asked her something unique in their family and she answered “Sa tingin ko yung pagkakaron namin ng family devotion, unlike others na ang family time nila ay gagala kung saan or manood ng movie at kung anu anu pa ang sa amin ehh sama samang pagbabasa ng bible at pag aaral ng salita ng Diyos”, amazing isn’t it. Admittedly that though13937009_1672785709711366_468365302_n I also belong in a christian family we didn’t have family devotion and it’s a good point to know that she’s a God-centered individual. As a typical girl she doesn’t have much social life since she was forbidden to go out for leisure and she is only using Facebook rarely and other social means? -none.

Just like me, I found out that she is the third child out of 5 siblings in the family. She somehow also experienced the third child syndrome just like me but she didn’t dwell about it at all. Unlike me who’s hungry of love and attention of my parents that i did everything just to get their attention yet nothing happened. I also found out that she have five (5) bestfriends and what’s unique with them is that they have constant communication that it won’t last a day without receiving even a single message from them. “Sobrang close namin that we became confidant that we never na may problema yung isa di kami magdadalawang isip na kontakin ang isa’t isa just to breathe out”. when here i am despite of having many friends still every problems i have were kept by myself alone.

She’s an Electrical engineering student and that’s what make her unique since “madalang 13775597_1127698433957720_276457962396463110_n.jpgpara sa mga babae ang kumuha ng  Electrical Engineering na course”. Apparently she aspire to become a lawyer. She has this attitude of being an investigator. She feels like being a detective out of curiosity when there is something she want to find out. “Ewan ko kung bakit pero pag sobra kong gustong malaman yung isang bagay, i do all the means para malaman ko kung anu yun, i go surf the net, ask random people and di ako nasasatisfy sa mga simpleng bagay lang, talagang inaalam ko every single detail, ang weird noh”.

Knowing her is something that I would not forget, why? it is because apart from knowing her i will just judge her based on her physical characteristic nor the way i perceived her. I wouldn’t know that there are a lot of unique characteristic she possessed and that we have similarities in life.

“Don’t Judge the book by it’s cover, read and understand them first”



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