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A single piece is important for one may lost the whole is affected.


They say it’s a whole bunch of shit thinking for a fairytale story knowing that it’s all just a story of shits making people believe for a happy ending. As days pass by there are a lot of things I realized that sometimes fairytales are not just a story.  They are just a representation of what life is all about. Everything that we see, experience, hear, taste or even touched are all connected to the life that we all have.

This day I watched a movie entitled We are your friends (see the link if you ever wish to watch: HERE) as I go along the movie at first I didn’t appreciate it since it may seem to be a usual movie for a teen like me but as I gone pass through it bits by bits I slowly appreciated the movie. I won’t tell anything about it that I may not spoil you but just a quotable take away I got from that movie is that “Connecting from people around you, from the things around you and for who you are will lead you to SUCCESS”

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Everything around us matters and if we take time to take pay attention on those thing we’ll much likely achieve what we wanted in our life. You should learn to connect all of those things around you, learn to utilize it as your stepping stone to succeed, it’s all a working process to be on top and you shouldn’t skip one step for you cannot go down the haywire without taking every step you need to take. Your connections to success is just around it matters to people who appreciates.


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