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There’s no place like Burnham Park


Experiencing Baguio will be more exciting and fun upon visiting this wonderful place where the Heart of Baguio can be found- the Burnham Park. Burnham Park is a place where everyone would enjoy. This is a huge place where children can run and play, couples can have their date and where anyone can stay. The Burnham Park is located at the heart of Baguio. It was named after the American architect “Daniel Hudson Burnham” who laid the plans for the city.  The Burnham Park is a great place for leisure and activities. There are also bike rentals if one so wishes, they offer several bikes for everyone to enjoy. The Burnham Park is packed with lots of amenities and that includes: a skating rink at the southern part of the park, Melvin Jones Grand Stand and Football Field at the eastern park, Children’s park and Orchidarium at the western part and also their very own man made Burnham Lake found at the center of the park where tourist can enjoy boating with friends. What are you waiting for? Visit Baguio and enjoy their alluring, majestic and enchanting place where all of the member of the Family can enjoy. Visit Baguio, Visit the Burnham Park. You will miss Baguio, if you don’t visit the Burnham Park and enjoy it at its best.



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