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The rise of celebrity politicians is eminent in almost all country, and with this phenomenon let’s look how this is so.

If there is winter, spring, summer and fall Season in most part of the world in the Philippines there is Wet, Dry, Christmas and Election Season (though election doesn’t really happen every year). Here you can see the rapid transition from shades, swim wears life vest from summer, umbrellas and raincoats from rainy season, down to the long celebration of Christmas season of ber months up to the transformation of the surroundings during election season. Wherein walls were dressed with campaign posters, TV ad Campaigns in every channels and campaign rallies everywhere.

According to Showbiz endorsers rule in Philippine elections  “It is the lawyer who knows the law, it is the fisherman who knows how to fish, and it is the architect who knows how to design buildings. So why should voters rely on celebrities in choosing whom to pick as their political leaders?” See the logic? Why vote for celebrities? In the Article of Abrugar (2014) whereas stated that there are ten (10) reasons why Filipinos vote for underserving politicians, one of the category stated that Filipinos vote for popularity. Thinking that these celebrity that they see almost every day in Television, Newspapers and social media sites can possibly become deserving leaders as what is being perceived through those mediums. But isn’t it lame to make popularity as your criteria on voting?  Just because that they are on the limelight and being perceived as good and reputable can be the grounds for them to have a place in our government? In a country where politics and showbiz are intertwined and where personalities easily shift between the two realms, it is common to confuse credibility with popularity and genuine endorsement with mere advertisement. (Rappler 2013) Since that these celebrities are in the limelight it now become easy for them to run for position as a public official due to their fame and popularity as well as most of the people below the poverty threshold looks up unto them making their boost to run for a position. But can’t we consider the credibility of each candidate before placing them in our government? Can we consider some factors before electing them?


I am not saying that being a celebrity politician is a bane, but as for me, before voting them or giving them a place in our government we should consider some factors and check whether they are really worthy for the position. Not because they are popular, or we based them as what is being perceived through some mediums that become their ground for them to have a place in our government. Think smart and vote right. Don’t be a BOBOtante and be fooled by their fame and popularity. As the old cliché says “VOTE WISELY!”.


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