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A place of tranquility: Disconnect to gadgets and reconnect to nature

baguio botanical garden

Going to Baguio will never be complete without visiting their very own “Botanical Garden” a quiet and peaceful place where kids and nature lovers will surely enjoy. Your vacation to Baguio will be that memorable experiencing their culture and tradition upon Visiting this place. The Baguio Botanical Garden is located east of Baguio’s downtown area. You will find it between Teacher’s Camp and the Pacdal Circle. Its main entrance is a long Wood with a sign of Botanical Garden it. It is quite a large park and about the same size as Burnham Park. There you can find plants however before you decide to buy one you should take consideration that those plants are not suitable for lowland and warm places than Baguio like Manila. This place is packed with lots of cultural heritage of the Igorots. It is said to capture the ethnic spirit and cultural legacy of the Igorots. There you can also find native nippa huts of the igorots, some flowers and trees. When visiting the Botanical Garden, you will usually find a group of Igorots at the main entrance who are dressed in their authentic native attire and “Bahag”. They will be more than happy to pose with visitors for a souvenir picture … of course, for a fee. This is a good place to relax and enjoy time for leisure, just make sure you’ll maintain the serenity and tranquility of the place.



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