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3 ER: Equal Right, Equal Role, Equal Responsibility; Gender and Women Empowerment through the Lens of ICT

Thin, Fat, Big, Small, fair skin, dark skin, men, women, young and old. Those may differ from certain things yet we are all equal in the eyes of God above. It has been a long issue talking about gender equality, it has been centuries since this motion took place but still an issue until today. Years had just passed knowing that equality when it comes to gender weren’t obtain mostly by women. We all know what they have gone through before they reach this far fighting for their own right. Thanks to ICT that it enables women to fight for their right, it strengthens and empower every individual to fight for their right- for equality. ICT has been a great help upon achieving what women are aiming for.

Equal Right. We are all humans, we are created by God almighty and we are all subjected to all rights that was given by Him, By the Law and by nature. What oneself is enjoying should be enjoyed by everyone as well. None is ahead of us, no one should be stepping against your right nor abusing you in any means for some reasons. We are equal and the Law of God and the Law of our Nation guarantee that. ICT is a big help in imparting to people every right they can enjoy, and portrays a very significant role in seeking equality of all genders. Through the awareness it brings, it enables every individual to be empowered upon knowing what their right is, and seeking to it in doing certain actions once their right has been violated.

Equal Role. According to the Bible in the book of Genesis God has given roles for the men and women to play. Yes our roles may differ in some points but our role doesn’t depict that we aren’t equal. Those roles may be different but it doesn’t mean that one is ahead of the other. Those role were created to divide the task maintaining a harmonious and peaceful living for all. Nowadays we see that through ICT we saw the capacity of every individual, we discover that women can also do what men does. That paved a way for the women to play the same role as men. They were now given an opportunity to work and do what men does. They were also now given the task that only men can do. Through the empowerment of ICT each individual was given the equal role that one is portraying.

Equal Responsibility. As the time passes by people learned to adapt. People learned to do what the opposite sex does. People achieved their right and portrayed equal role. Now that we are in the modern period where one can do what other is doing, Everyone now has an equal responsibility to fulfill, it may also varies in some ways but it’s still the same. This is where ICT was used to maintain each and every responsibility of the individuals. Through ICT every individual can ensure to fulfill each given responsibility that’s been laid upon them.

Truly ICT played various roles in our lives where ICT has been a great help in doing certain things today. ICT plays a vital part of every sector of our community and aspect of our lives. Through the aid of ICT Gender and Women Equality has been strengthened, mold, and empowered.



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