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Dealing with your BOSSES

In a corporate world you are working there you’ll encounter different kind of boss. There are bosses who are kind, jolly and approachable in which you wouldn’t think twice to ask/ talk about something. There are also some kind of boss, whom you don’t really want to meet just because he is strict, fearsome and intimidating. Not forgetting the kind of boss you haven’t met in your entire stay in your company.

Dealing with them are kind of frustrating except the approachable one. But as we go on through our different job let’s hover upon the different steps on how to deal with this kind of BOSSES

1.The Jolly One- this kind of bosses are very approachable, jolly and kind (Honestly they are the best boss to work with) . Dealing with them is very easy. All you need to do is just to be yourself and let everything went well. You don’t need to get attached to them coz you still need to know that he is your superior. Though they are good, approachable and kind you shouldn’t take advantage on it hence do your very best to excel in every task that’s been assigned to you. Moreover don’t forget to be modest, courteous and respectful most of the time.

2.The Strict One– The struggle is real, You can never Β choose your boss coz you really need a job. Dealing with them may be tough and challenging but one thing you should always remember STAY OUT OF THEIR WAY. Caught their attention on your achievements not on your failures. Some tips I can give you is that first you need to be punctual and well organize. Time is gold for them, you shouldn’t waste time coz every seconds counts. Learn to manage your time by creating a time table of chores (not literally household chores but the task you need to do). This kind of boss greatly appreciate initiative and promptness so you should do your tasks promptly and precisely just the way they want you to do it, never ever leave a task undone. Β Second is that you should look fresh, decent and presentable all of the time (remember cleanliness is next to godliness LOL). Third is that don’t you ever dare to mess with them, NEVER EVER ,Β once that they get pissed on you, their eye is in you be alert and ready to catch their drift (One mistake is equal to one prayer). Next is that always keep in your mind that your every action is being watched, always be mindful not to make even a single mistake, perfection is one of their motto. Just don’t mind their fuss even if you know it’s all about you, just keep in track and do your best to excel among the rest.

3.The Invisible One– They are the kind of boss who is always busy with appointments that they can’t even drop at their offices. Just don’t mind them and do the task assigned to you as long as you get going you’re in good terms.

hope this one help somehow! keep in track, stay tuned and follow me.

Thank you!



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