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The Virtual Reality

“The influx of technological advancements, speaks strongly of how innovations permeate our world today, with all the life altering the development that are happening at this juncture of my young age. This is life in the 21st century. Today’s llatest breakthrough is tomorrow’s obsolete gadget.”
-Societal Renewal Towards the culture of innovation and Creativity

We are living in the world of technological age, where gadgets and technology aided us to advance, excel and innovate for the better. Yes we can’t deny that this breakthrough helps us to do our chores, to lighten our work and to entertain us, yet amidst the useful advantages it brough lies beneath the disadvantages we never thought. Yesterday’s breakthrough became our today’s problem leading me to the confusion whether technology is a boon or a bane. Yes I know I should be thankful for the comfort it brings but how can I give thanks for the numerous negative things it brought. It changes the world, It changes the norms, mostly It changes the people. It makes our world smaller.

Given the things technology can bring us. We should always bear in mind that in every actions the we make there is a positive and negative reaction. Be wise now to use the technology that we have and so in the end we will not regret the outcome of our actions.



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