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Now is the time you only own, and when you own it, you already won it.

-Sir Pocholo

3 letter word, simple and easy to understand. Just a single word but mean a thousand more. Breaking down the letter into chunks we can come up to another 2 set of words.

from NOW

to OWN

and WON

If we look closer and think deeply, these words is telling us that there is no time such as today, tomorrow nor yesterday. It is NOW- the time that you OWN. Nothing is certain in this world, nobody knows what will happen in the next seconds of their life. So if you have NOW, you should own it. Don’t wait for the time to come that you’ll regret that you didn’t own your time. And when you OWN it you already WON it. Yes Amazingly true. Coz if you value your time and OWN your NOW, you will never regret that you have wasted your time. In the end YOU WON!



The windows of life in a vast sea through the lens of an extraORDINARY mind. Traveller by choice, wanderer by heart and adventurer by nature. I go where my feet take me. TRAVEL is <3

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