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I am Who I am

Hi! Good Day, I’m Aeron L. Abraham, just a simple boy living in Β a complicated life. Complicated? yes life is indeed complicated. Welcome to my world. this is my world this is my place, this is my life. Everything you’ll see in here are the product of my mind.

I’m 19 years of age, the third child and only son among five children. I am creative and innovative in my own ways. I love working alone but can work in group. I am dynamic, and can cope up easily to things. I can blend well to my surroundings. I am sensitive to things around with a good sense of intuition. Others may misunderstood me but who cares. I can handle myself alone, I am born independent, curious and adventurous.

There are lots of things running in my mind and I am in search of the numerous of questions in my head. I maybe crazy sometimes, funny at all times but one thing I can say. My life is an open book, I don’t pretend, I’m good to those who are good and a sh*t to those who are bitch.

Join me as I venture in this jaunt of life seeking the truth beyond fact, uncovering the hidden depth of the world. Enjoying the wonders and beauty of this universe.

Welcome to my roller coaster adventure towards life.10887577_801028763295347_728031055063305055_o




The windows of life in a vast sea through the lens of an extraORDINARY mind. Traveller by choice, wanderer by heart and adventurer by nature. I go where my feet take me. TRAVEL is <3

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