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This is my life, my day to day living, my routine.

I am Aeron a second year student from one of the prestigious universities in our country. I’m tall with a height of 5’7 , slim, dark skinned, brown eyes and a brown hair.

Everyday I wake up in the reality that though I am accompanied, I’m still aloofed in the world. I used to have many friends in which I don’t really know whether they are or not. Four sisters and no brother. That’s my life. I’m walking on to this life’s journey with my eyes wide open. Yes i am liberal, I am open for new ideas and filter the truth beyond fact. I’m serious at all things though it is not manifested on my actions coz others see me as a shallow river but I don’t care. I know how to live alone. I know how to face everything with no one on my side. I am strong amidst my weaknesses, I am bold amidst my fears and I am zealous amidst those obstacles that hinders me to achieve my goals. This is my life and this is my story.



The windows of life in a vast sea through the lens of an extraORDINARY mind. Traveller by choice, wanderer by heart and adventurer by nature. I go where my feet take me. TRAVEL is <3

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