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19th year of existence

I’m so blessed with the people around me, who continue to support and help me in every aspect of my life.
The experience I had may be tough but still i’m grateful for the lesson it had taught me.
And because 19 nako

NINETEENdihan ko na that i should grow up and be matured
NINETEENdihan ko na that I need to be independent
NINETEENDIHAN ko na that Life may bring lots of obstacles but as long as you can stand you need to move and win the fight. For my family and friends who cheers me up when life knocks me hard. For all the people who are there who helped me, who guide me and who shaped me.
I will not be me without you! Thank you :))

Life is like a chess game, you need to be wise in making your move in order for you to win.
At this jaunt of life, I should be wise, be strong, be positive and be fruitful.



The windows of life in a vast sea through the lens of an extraORDINARY mind. Traveller by choice, wanderer by heart and adventurer by nature. I go where my feet take me. TRAVEL is <3

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